What IQ Do You Need To Be A Pilot?

A lot of people think you need to have a high IQ to be a pilot, but there is actually no IQ requirement for this job.

Additionally, at no point in flight school, or training to be a pilot will you be asked to complete any IQ tests. This is mainly because the IQ test isn’t always a great measurement of intelligence.

What IQ do you need to be a pilot

There are lots of different types of intelligence, and people are smart in different ways.

As a job sector, the aviation industry recognizes that the IQ test isn’t a good way to see if someone is fit to be a pilot, so there is no IQ requirement. 

That being said, generally speaking, pilots do tend to have a fairly high IQ.

But this is mainly down to the profile of people who choose to become pilots rather than people training their IQ to get into this job.

So you will often find that pilots have a high IQ, however there is absolutely no requirement for you to have a high IQ if you want to become a pilot. As long as you pass all the necessary tests then your IQ rating will not matter. 

Are pilots intelligent?

Generally speaking, yes, pilots do tend to be intelligent people. Those who go into flight school tend to fit a certain profile, and part of this profile is high intelligence.

A lot of people think you are only intelligent if you have a high IQ, but there are lots of people who are very intelligent with bad IQ scores.

This is why flight schools do not include IQ testing as part of the pilot job requirements. 

The truth is, intelligence shows itself in lots of different ways.

Those who tend to become pilots have a very realistic view of the world, and this in a way is a form of intelligence. 

To be realistic you have to be observant and manage expectations, both of which are key skills for being a pilot.

Additionally, from a book smart point of view you could argue that pilots are intelligent people.

It takes a lot of training and tests to become a qualified pilot, so people in these jobs have a huge knowledge of everything to do with the aviation industry. 

So, yes, it is generally accepted that pilots are intelligent people. But of course it actually differs from individual to individual. 

What is the average IQ of a fighter pilot?

In most cases, pilots of any kind will have an IQ higher than 120.

It is generally accepted that fighter pilots have an IQ higher than commercial pilots because of the demands of their jobs, and the impact that this has on their intelligence. 

But, as we have said, IQ testing isn’t actually a part of flight school or job interviews for pilot positions. So if you want to be a pilot, the result that you receive from an IQ test actually doesn’t matter. 

All pilots tend to have a high IQ due to the nature of their job, and the profile that those who become pilots tend to fit into.

As we have said, pilots tend to have a realistic view, and it could be argued that fighter pilots have an even more realistic view than commercial pilots.

Taking on a role as a fighter pilot requires a lot of skills that you do not need for a commercial pilot which gives the opportunity to learn even more and grow your intelligence.

So all pilots tend to have an IQ higher than 120, but it is impossible to know specifics as IQ testing is not part of the job process. 

What is the average IQ of a pilot?

The average IQ of a pilot tends to be around the 119/120 mark. However, as IQ testing does not take place in flight school, or as part of the recruitment process, it is impossible to know specific results.

An IQ between 120 and 140 is considered as “very superior intelligence” which definitely fits with the intelligence level that you would expect a pilot to have.

After all, flight school is a long process, so pilots must be intelligent people, at least when it comes to the aviation industry. 

However, if you are considering a career as a pilot, you should not let this figure put you off.

As we have said, IQ testing does not take place in flight school or pilot recruitment, so even if you have a low IQ it will not matter.

The IQ test is only one way to test intelligence, and there are so many forms of intelligence, so you shouldn’t define yourself by your IQ. The aviation industry recognizes this, which is the main reason why IQ testing does not take place.