Is Pilot a Good Job?

Generally speaking, yes, being a pilot is considered a good job. Of course, as with all jobs, there are some negative aspects of this career choice. But overall it is accepted that being a pilot is very rewarding and enjoyable.

Being a pilot would be a good career choice if you are passionate about aviation and flying. Without this passion, it is likely that you would find being a pilot very tedious, especially when it comes to the training and obtaining the required qualifications in order to pilot commercially or for other organizations that need air assistance.

This is mainly because the process of training to become a pilot is very long, comparable to the process of training to be a doctor, so without that passion it is likely that you will end up hating this job. 

But overall, being a pilot is considered a good career. If you enjoy being in the air and piloting a plane then this might be the ideal job for you, and the pay isn’t to be frowned at either with some experienced pilots earning a six-figure salary every year. So yes, becoming a pilot is a good career choice and a good job to have.

Are pilots happy?

Yes, if you ask any pilot, the majority will confirm that they are happy in their career choice. This is mainly because the only people who choose to go down the career path to being a pilot are those who are already passionate about the airline industry.

After all, it takes a long time to gather the required skills and qualifications to be a pilot, so if you are not passionate about this career it is likely that you would drop out before getting your pilot license.

A lot of pilots confirm that they are happy in their job because they enjoy flying, and there’s nothing better than doing something that you love for work. Of course, there are some negatives that come with the job - including long hours that can impact relationships - but these negatives are far outweighed by the positives if you like flying.

Something else that makes a lot of pilots happy in their career is the salary that comes with it. Being a pilot is a big responsibility which is why it is such a well-paid job. So, even though you might have to sacrifice your social life to be a pilot, the benefits of this job are enough to make most pilots happy.

Can you be a pilot and have another job?

Unless contractual agreements say otherwise, then yes a pilot can have another job. Even though being a pilot can be an intense job, quite a few people in this career path tend to have other jobs or side businesses.

Most pilots love their job, but there’s no denying that it can be stressful so getting a second job can be a great way to escape every now and again.

There are some cases where pilots work two different jobs with two different flight companies which is definitely an option. However, whether you will be able to do this, or not, will depend on the contract that you signed with the first company and if this allows you to work elsewhere while employed by that company.

But remember that being a pilot comes with very long working days. So before you take up a second job alongside being a pilot, consider the impact that this might have on other aspects of your life because it will probably mean that you spend the majority of your waking hours at work.

Do pilots have job security?

Yes, in a lot of cases pilots do have job security. As a pilot once you have obtained a job in a company then you can generally expect to work there for a long time. So if you want a job that is secure, then being a pilot is one of the best options.

The main reasons why being a pilot is such a secure job is because there is such a high demand for pilots. The demand for pilots is much higher than the amount of people who are actually qualified for these jobs. This not only makes your job more secure, but it also increases your chances of getting a new job should you apply as there is less competition.

Before you become a pilot there is a lot of training that you need to complete. You will have to put yourself through flight school. This isn’t a cheap course of study, and it will often put those who aren’t passionate about flying off choosing this career path.

After you have done that you will also have to clock a lot of flight hours before you will be able to get a job in this industry. So yes pilots have job security, mainly because there are more jobs available than there are pilots to fill them.

Is a pilot a respected career?

If you ask any member of the public, the majority will agree that being a pilot is a respected career. There is a general consensus that pilots are to be respected. Although a lot of people will not be able to tell you why this job role is so well respected.

One reason why being a pilot is respected is because of the amount of hard work, time and effort that goes into training for this job. Just like doctors and surgeons, pilots also have to spend years training before they are able to achieve good careers in this field which is why it is so well respected.

However, this isn’t the only reason that this career path is respected. A lot of people also respect pilots because they are often seen as in a position of authority. When you get on a plane, you are putting your life in that pilot’s hands, and they are essentially in charge the entire time that you are in their aircraft. So yes, a pilot is a respected career choice.

Is a pilot’s job easy?

There is no career that is totally easy. With every job there comes good days and bad days, and there are always some aspects of the job that are more difficult than others. This is also true of being a pilot. So whether you view it as an easy job, or not, will depend on your experience with this career.

Some people have the perception that being a pilot must be difficult because of the amount of training and experience you need before you can get good jobs. But training to be a pilot isn’t actually difficult, in fact the action of flying a plane is often quite easy. The main thing that can make this job role difficult is finding the motivation to keep going with your training even though the end seems so far away.

But the majority of people who become pilots are already passionate about aviation and enjoy being in the air piloting a plane, so the training doesn’t seem so bad.

Once you qualify this career isn’t easy all of the time. There will be stressful and bad days, but if you enjoy this job then you can forget these days and continue enjoying being in the air.

What benefits do pilots get?

With a job that is as intense as being a pilot, of course there are lots of benefits that come with this career. These benefits include a whole load of different things including the benefits of the job itself, and also the benefits that are often offered by employers in the airline industry.

From a job perspective, being a pilot offers a lot of benefits. Out of all the career paths available, becoming a pilot is one of the most secure because there are so many different jobs you can get in aviation once you qualify.

When you first think of being a pilot, you immediately consider those who fly planes for commercial airlines. But if you are qualified as a pilot you can also fly planes for the emergency services and a lot of other companies and businesses.

Additionally, if you fly for a commercial airline, these companies tend to offer lots of benefits to their employees. These benefits tend to include lots of free time, overnight stays abroad and even free flights for you and your family. So there are lots of clear benefits that come with working as a pilot.

Which is better IAS or pilot?

These two career paths couldn’t be any more different, and yet a lot of people compare working as a pilot to working for the civil services. Due to the huge difference in these career roles it is difficult to definitely say which is better, so let’s have a look at some of the main areas where one job outshines the other.

From a pay perspective, there really is no competition. IAS jobs can be very well-paid, but it takes a lot of time to reach these positions, whereas you can immediately get paid a high salary for being a pilot as soon as you qualify.

However, if a social life is important for you then you might think that an IAS job is better. Being a pilot is quite solitary, and you will often only communicate with your small flight crew during your working hours. Whereas an IAS job often involves being social and attending various different events.

So ultimately, the decision of which job is better will come down to your own personal preferences for work, so consider this before choosing either career.