Do Pilots Cheat?

So, you’ve just started dating a pilot and have some nagging worries about their fidelity.

Or perhaps you have been married to one for years and you have had a bad feeling.

Do pilots cheat

Or perhaps (like us), you are just nosy and want to know more about the love life of a pilot. In this article, we are going to be answering all of your pilot-related fidelity questions.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and remain seated for take-off, because this article could get turbulent… 

Do pilots cheat? 

Pilots have long been associated with cheating, with many tropes of pilots in tv shows and movies depicting them as polyamorous scoundrels who ‘have a date at every port’.

Whilst there is unlikely to be any official data on this issue, it does seem that it is pretty common for pilots to cheat. 

The fact is pilots are, of course, constantly being placed in situations where cheating is definitely possible.

They are away for long periods of time, in foreign countries, and likely feel lonely. It is not unbelievable to think of them seeking comfort in the arms of another if they are without their partner for a long time. 

It is also not unheard of to come across affairs between pilots and other staff aboard a plane, such as flight attendants and air hostesses, and even co-pilots.

Flying is a highly stressful job, and it is natural to seek human comfort from another person and to seek out physical touch if you are away from your usual source of it. 

However, we also want to make the point that anyone can cheat, not just a pilot, and if you have worries that a person (pilot or otherwise) is cheating on you, just know that you are worth more than that and deserve much better! 

It goes without saying that the fear is likely to be stronger when you date or marry a pilot, as they will be away from you for much longer than most professions demand, and often in exotic and even romantic places.

With this in mind, if you tend to be the ‘jealous’ type then it is perhaps not the best idea to get into an established relationship with a pilot. 

However, relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. As long as you have this, and provided you both trust each other, nothing will go wrong.

A lack of trust may actually lead them to cheat, and don’t forget, there is nothing stopping the partner of a pilot from cheating just as often as the pilot! 

Do pilots have high divorce rate?

Yes. sadly, it does seem that pilots have pretty high divorce rates, with it being estimated that around 30% of pilots who are married will get divorced.

The reason for this has been dubbed as Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome.

It is thought that the stress of pilot-life, the constant traveling, and the risk of cheating from both parties can put a negative strain on the marriage, thus ending in divorce. 

It is also thought that, because of the demands of a pilot, they are more likely to miss big events such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions, causing more tension between them and their family. 

Of course, it is not all doom and gloom, and a married couple with a pilot as one of the partners can work things out.

However, it will mean that there will need to be excellent levels of communication, trust, respect, and a desire from both sides to make it work. 

Do pilots have affairs with flight attendants?

It is certainly possible that a pilot may have an affair with a flight attendant, but since there is no official data or documentation about this, we cannot say whether this is common, at least from an official standpoint. 

However, the fact does stand that divorces between a pilot and non-pilot have often stated affairs as one of the main causes, and it frequently seems to be an affair between the pilot and flight attendant. 

In fact, there are countless posts on blogs and message boards from ex-pilots and flight attendants (and sometimes from current plane employees, too) detailing all of the sordid affairs that they have heard about, witnessed, or even participated in.

Of course, accounts like this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it is true that the affairs between pilots and other plane employees do seem to exist. 

That being said, this does not mean you should worry and assume that your pilot partner is going to sleep with all of the flight attendants on their plane.

Mutual trust is important, and just because you hear of it happening in the media, in movies, and in TV shows, it does not mean it will happen in your relationship.