Can I Marry A Pilot?

Yes, you can marry a pilot. Both technically and legally speaking there is nothing that prevents a member of the public from marrying a pilot.

Pilots are, of course, human, so as long as they are not already married to somebody then you can marry them. 

That being said, being a pilot is an incredibly taxing job. For a lot of pilots, their job is their life because you have to work so hard to become one.

Can I marry a pilot

A lot of money, time and effort goes into getting a pilot license, so it is very easy for this job role to take over your life. 

So if you are considering marrying a pilot you really need to think about the effect their job is going to have on your marriage.

Being a pilot is not a 9-5 job, so you should be prepared for their job to impact the amount of time that you get to spend together.

You should also be prepared for your partner to have to rush off at the last minute and for there to be a lot of ruined plans.

But if you love that person then you will probably be happy to accept this so that you can spend the rest of your lives together.  

Do pilots marry pilots?

Yes, there have been quite a few cases where pilots have married other pilots. Just like with any profession, a lot of couples now meet one another in work and bond over shared experiences and interests.

This is no different for pilots which is why it is not uncommon for pilots to marry other pilots. 

Being a pilot can be a very hard job at times. It can be very stressful, and it requires you to work very anti-social hours.

For couples where only one partner is a pilot this can cause a massive divide in the relationship and can often lead to relationships breaking down and divorce. 

In marriages where both people are pilots this profession that can often drive couples apart can instead bring them together.

This is mainly because both people in the relationship know of the passion they feel for piloting and the hard work that they have completed to achieve this job.

That doesn’t mean that a marriage between two pilots isn’t strained at times, but it does mean that both individuals are happy to deal with the difficult moments because they know how much the job means to one another. 

Can a doctor marry a pilot?

There is no legal reason why a doctor cannot marry a pilot so yes, individuals from these two professions can marry.

However, as you probably know, doctors and pilots are two of the most intense professions that exist, with both job occupations offering awkward working hours and long periods of time without seeing your partner. 

If you consider the job roles of a doctor and a pilot then there are clearly a lot of similarities between the two professions.

Both of these jobs are very intense and can be very stressful at times. Both jobs require you to be responsible for the lives of other people which can be a big burden to bear.

Finally, both professions require a lot of hard work, time and effort to reach top positions. 

For some couples, the similarities between these two professions can drive them apart because it can often mean that you have very little time to spend with your partner.

But for other couples these similarities can pull them together. So while some marriages between a doctor and a pilot might not work out, there is nothing stopping two individuals from these professions from getting hitched. 

Can a pilot marry a couple?

Technically speaking then yes, a pilot can marry a couple. But this is not part of the job description or training, and if a pilot wants to marry a couple then they will have to become ordained.

Traditionally, marriages were only conducted by Priests and other religious figures, but now pretty much anyone can marry a couple as long as they become ordained before doing so.

It used to be difficult to become ordained, but now it is as easy as filling out a form on the internet which is why so many couples are being married by normal people. 

If a pilot wanted to marry a couple then they would have to complete this form and become ordained before they would be able to complete the ceremony.

So technically speaking, if you wanted your marriage to be ordained by a pilot then they will be able to do so as long as they get their ordination certificate.

This will usually have to be completed a little while before you plan on marrying, so if you want a pilot to marry you remember to factor their busy work schedule into your big day. 

Do flight attendants marry pilots?

Yes, it has been known for some flight attendants to marry pilots, but this isn’t as common as you might think.

A lot of people believe that pilots must marry flight attendants because of the large amount of time that they spend together, but this isn’t actually that common. 

The main reason that not as many pilots marry flight attendants as you might think is because of the amount of work that goes into becoming a pilot.

It can take years to build up the required flight hours that you need to be able to fly a commercial plane, and because of this a lot of pilots are already married before they even encounter any flight attendants.

So in a lot of cases a pilot will not get into a relationship with a member of the cabin crew as they already have a partner waiting for them at home. 

So while there are probably quite a few cases where flight attendants have married pilots this is not common, and there is a good chance that these couples did not meet while actively working on a flight together. 

Do pilots wives fly free?

Yes, in a lot of cases the wives of pilots do fly free. However, this perk shouldn’t be the reason why you choose to go into becoming a pilot as a career.

Becoming a pilot is a difficult process, and it definitely isn’t a job that you should go into if your main motivation is your partner getting free flights. 

Generally speaking, most companies offer flight benefits to their employees that work in their airline. This doesn’t just include pilots, it often also includes flight attendants as well.

A lot of companies offer perks to encourage people to work for their company including free flights, discounted rates and early access to flight schedules. So in a lot of cases, yes pilots wives do fly free. 

But remember that there are limits to these perks, and even the wives of pilots will not fly free every single time they board a flight.

The amount of free flights that a pilot’s family can have usually depends on the length of time that that pilot has worked for the company and the number of hours they have spent flying planes for the company.

However, in most cases a pilot’s wife will fly free. 

Is it good to marry a pilot?

In most cases, you will not marry someone simply because they are a pilot.

Instead, you will be marrying a pilot because you have already fallen in love with them, in which case, yes it is probably good to marry a pilot.

But before you marry a pilot you do need to consider the effect that their job might have on your marriage. 

If you are engaged to a pilot then you have probably experienced what their job can do to your own life.

A pilot’s life can be incredibly unpredictable with anti-social working hours and last minute changes a common occurrence.

Marrying a pilot will also mean that you will probably go lengthy periods without seeing them as they fly around the country and overseas for work.

So you need to consider if you can handle this before you make the decision to get married. 

But generally speaking, yes it is good to marry a pilot.

If you are already in a relationship with a pilot then you will have experience with the lifestyle associated with this job, and getting married isn’t going to change that.