Good day passengers, this is your pilot speaking! Roger here, the brains behind Pilot School Hero! As a pilot myself, I often get asked the weirdest and most wonderful questions on how to become a pilot, what the rules are when you are a pilot, and how to get into training as a pilot. 

Now, I love answering these questions, sure, but the fact is, I’m a busy man! Those planes don’t fly themselves you know! That’s where the idea of Pilot School Hero came from. I look at myself as a sort of Hero, and since the questions are typically about pilot school, the name just made sense. 

It’s no secret that the world of flying can be daunting, both for a passenger and a pilot. As well as this, becoming a pilot for commercial planes and aircrafts carrying other people is extremely risky and so many safety considerations need to be taken into account. 

I want Pilot School Hero to be a palace where you can learn all about these considerations, and where you can get an answer to all of those burning questions that plague you at night. No question is too silly. You name it, I’ve heard it. So whether you want to find out if pilots can get a DUI or if you just want to know if pilots can have tattoos, this is the site for you.